Alchemic Poems

by Edgar Franco

artwork by Edgar Franco





The Sperm Planet penetrate inside of our galaxy.

Fecundate the ovum of the sun.

Split the blue electron.


The Earth is placenta of the moon's egg .

The Solar System is now a cosmic uterus .

The Earth is the cradle of the moon's egg.


Placenta Earth

Cosmic Uterus

Universal orgasm




In the twilight sky of era's end

It was heard the horrendous noise of an enormous peel splitting


The moon was an egg and he began to blossom...

the life in the earth was an energy plasm that fed for millions of years the hunger of the egg moon


Of those split a flowing lilac that reddened the atmosphere of the earth was slippery

And all the perplexed and incredulous people saw to emerge from within of the peel of the egg moon one amalgam stranger, magnificent being, with butterfly wings, angel's aureole and demon's horns...


When beating of its wings the life in the Earth became just a brief lapse in the illusion of the time

The cycle always, the serpent bites its own tail ...

What begins has to finish and that is not well, nor badly it is only the wonderful and obscure stigma of the eternal equilibrium





Winds are my only troubles...

The Evil Lord copulate with God

for the deep balance.

Men with one eye in their necks

to open the astral doors.

Lemurien Womb is the occult

Graal of time...

I see the eternal truth

Behind the neck's eye

of a lemurien Siren gipsy...




We slept men and we woke up atoms.

We dreamed roses and we created mushrooms,

We glorified angels and we copulated with beasts.


We are the dagger that perforates the pineal of God,

We are canibal serpents offering the end

for the pleasure of the reborn,

We are astral lava of the volcano Universe...


artwork by Edgar Franco